UdZ / Issue 03.22

UdZ 03.22 / 113 BAValue: Using Business Analytics Successfully The use of data-driven analytics opens up a wide range of opportunities. More than two-thirds of all companies have recognized this potential and launched pilot projects for the use of business analytics. Nevertheless, many of them face a high failure rate and lack of returns. In most cases, there is a lack of a standardized and structured process for selecting and prioritizing benefit-optimized business analytics projects. The overview for structuring and classifying business analytics, the application areas as well as a system map is missing. In addition, there is little help in determining cost and effort, nor are many aware of the risks involved in deployment. In the 'BAValue' project, a decision model is being implemented which, by means of concrete recommendations for action, enables SMEs to implement BA projects and use them to optimize corporate benefits. >

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