UdZ / Issue 03.22

Dear Readers, we are pleased to once again present you with a potpourri of news and highlights in the third 2022 issue of UdZ. First and foremost, we would like to introduce you to our new Uranos-X project. We are very proud to be in charge of the research on this complex topic and therefore dedicate the lead article of the present issue to this project (p. 6 ff.). Uranos-X was preceded by the ‘Gaia-X’ project, which was launched in 2019. In Gaia-X, international representatives frombusiness, science and politics are jointly shaping the framework conditions for the data exchange and business models of tomorrow. A key feature of Gaia-X is to have small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participate in the project. FIR successfully contributed to the project by providing its expertise on the transformation of SMEs. With the Gaia-XperienceLab in the Smart Logistics Cluster, we will soon be offering a central point of contact for SMEs that facilitates their interactive entry into the transformation process. We have always seen it as our task to make new topics and developments accessible and implementable for companies. Sustainability is on everyone's lips and one of the biggest – if not the biggest – topic of our time. Sustainability is not a trend, but a transformative change, and it requires a full repositioning of industry. The pressure on companies to act is growing – and so is the uncertainty this change process brings. Gain a holistic viewof digitalization and sustainability with our article “Twin-Transition – Digitization and Sustainability Hand in Hand” (p. 14 ff.). The transformation to Industrial Sustainability is indispensable: Growth, cost optimization and time savings are no longer the sole guarantees of success. The article argues that sustainability transformation is not a burden, but an opportunity, and highlights how sustainability transformation can also advance your company. We continue our staff interview series with Gerrit Hoeborn (p. 62 ff.), who has been head of Business Transformation here at FIR since May 2022. Together with his team, he is driving forward the topic of Industrial Sustainability – The Integrated Management for a Sustainable Organization at FIR and in the Smart Logistics Cluster and has published a white paper of the same title. Furthermore, our specialist events also deal with the topics of “Resilience and Sustainability”: the CDOAachen, which took place on November 16 under themotto “Sustainable Digitalization for the Era of Uncertainty”, as well as the Insights Cluster Smart Logistic event on December 8, which will have a focus on strategies and implementation examples. And what is happening on the international stage? FIR and the Center Connected Industry, headed by Max-Ferdinand Stroh, are participating in the international ‘FLAIR’ project, with a staff member on site and a team of experts on RWTH Aachen Campus (p. 28 ff.). Together with the INC Invention Center and RWTH Aachen University, we are working on the InnoHK research initiative launched in Hong Kong, which aims to transform the region into a global hub for innovation and technology. And, last but not least, our experts in the area of “Smart Work” are on the road in Central and South America, seeking to provide new impetus for economic growth in Europe and Latin America. For the first time, they are hosting the international I4R Conference in Mexico. Under the motto “Closing the Gap between Science and Industry,” the congress serves as an umbrella event for two conferences taking place at the same time: The practice-oriented E-Mas International Conference and the Scientific Conference Production Systems and Logistics (CPSL). More information is available at: i4r.eu. Even if FIR’s key subject areas are wide and varied, they are also interlinked and share many objectives. That’s why interdisciplinary and cross-divisional projects are part of our daily practice. To make these interrelations clearer, we have developed the FIR Navigator, which offers you particularly easy access to FIR’s range of services and knowledge about relevant trends based on eight transformation drivers. With just one click, you can obtain subject-specific know-how and insight into FIR’s offerings – according to your needs and interests. In addition, the FIR Navigator (p. 37f.) provides you with information on ongoing projects, reference projects, and publications: fir-navigator.fir.de. We hope that we were able to inspire you with our expertise and our selection of topics in the 2022 UdZ issues – we are already looking forward to preparing next year’s issues. Finally, letme end on a personal note: After 26 years asmanaging director, I will be handing over the reins to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Boos. The time at FIR has been, and is, very special to me. Not only because we work with industrial practitioners on relevant questions for practitioners, but also because our work generates new ideas and insights, and because it is fun to shed light on the manifold challenges industry is facing. And, ultimately, it is always exciting to learn how the solutions we develop help companies to move forward. None of this would be possible without a strong, motivated team and highly committed partners from industry, associations and politics. I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me during my time at FIR for 26 years full of inspiration and insight; for trusting cooperation, great dedication, andopen, honestwords; for creative, oftenunusual solutions and many joint successes on the path to the self-learning company of the future. I wishmy successor, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Boos, a happy hand at all times, passion for the cause, and much success in leading FIR into the future. Your Volker Stich Do you have any questions or suggestions about our magazine or would you like more information? Then please send us an email: redaktion@fir.rwth-aachen.de Learn even more about the FIR & visit us on our website at: » fir.rwth-aachen.de Or sign up for one of our FIR-newsletter: » newsletter-anmeldung.fir.de

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