UdZ / Issue 03.23

SPECTRUM – APPLIED RESEARCH 50 / UdZ 03.23 As part of this pioneering project, we are currently looking for companies that use alternatively powered trucks and have the relevant vehicle data. We look forward to hearing from companies that have the relevant data and share it with us. Please feel free to contact us! Project Title: DRivE – Data-based route planning in road freight transport with different energy supply technologies Funding/Promoters: Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr (BMDV), TÜV Rheinland Consulting GmbH Funding no.: 19FS2054A Research Partner: Hammer Road Cargo GmbH & Co. KG, Maintrans Internationale Spedition GmbH, MANSIO GmbH, Park Your Truck GmbH, Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM), ZeKju GmbH Website: drive.fir.de Lukas Bruhns, M.Sc. Project Manager Department Service Management FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University Phone: +49 241 47705-212 Email: Lukas.Bruhns@fir.rwth-aachen.de Literature: Europäischer Rat (Hrsg.): Maßnahmen der EU gegen den Klimawandel. Brüssel 2023. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/de/policies/climate-change/ (Link zuletzt geprüft: 02.11.2023) Neuhausen, J.; Foltz, C.; Rose, P.; Andre, F.; Golde, S.; Ritter, S.; Stürmer, C.; Kronen, T.: Making zero-emissions trucking a reality – Truck Study 2020: Routes to decarbonizing commercial vehicles . Düsseldorf, September 2020, 30 Folien. https://www.strategyand.pwc.com/de/en/industries/transport/green-trucking-2020/ truck-study-2020.pdf (Link zuletzt geprüft: 02.11.2023) Loesche, D.. Lastkraftwagen mit alternativen Antrieben noch sehr rar. Statista online, 03.07.2017. https://de.statista.com/infografik/10124/anzahl-der-lastkraftwagen-mit-alternativen-antrieben-in-deutschland/ (Link zuletzt geprüft: 02.11.2023) Um den Algorithmus auszuarbeiten, wurden drei Themenstränge definiert, die mit den definierten Arbeits- paketen des Projekts korrespondieren (s. Figure 2, S. 49). Im Rahmen des Themenstrangs “Daten rund ums Fahrzeug” und den Fahrer soll herausgestellt werden, welche Echtzeitdaten des Fahrzeugs erfasst und ausgewertet werden sollen. Analog dazu sollen im Strang “Daten rund um die Infrastruktur” Informationen zu Lade- und Tankpunkten sowie Streckeninformationen erhoben werden. Dies soll unter Berücksichtigung der Verfügbarkeit und Ladegeschwindigkeit der Lade- und Tankinfrastrukturen ein Buchungssystem ermöglichen. Diese beiden Themenstränge bilden die Grundlage für das Zusammenführen aller Komponenten, bei dem Schnittstellen zur Integration aller beteiligten Komponenten entwickelt werden und der Algorithmus aufgearbeitet wird. ey The forced algorithm addresses the dimensions of sustainability according to the triple bottom approach (see Figure 1, p. 48). On an ecological level, optimized routes contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The increased planning reliability promotes the introduction of more environmentally friendly fleets. On a social level, the optimized route planning and meeting traffic help to minimize the length of routes and thus the burden on drivers. Efficient route planning can also lead to increased customer satisfaction through more punctual deliveries. Economic sustainability will lead to a reduction in operating costs in the long term thanks to more efficient routes and the switch to more environmentally friendly fleets. In order to develop the algorithm, three topics were defined that correspond to the defined work packages of the project (see Figure 2, p. 49). In the context of the data strand relating to the vehicle and the driver, the aim is to identify which realtime vehicle data should be recorded and evaluated. Similarly, information on charging and refueling points as well as route information is to be collected in the infrastructure data strand. This should enable a booking system, taking into account the availability and charging speed of the charging and refueling infrastructure. These two strands form the basis for bringing together all the components, developing interfaces for integrating all the components involved and working out the algorithm.

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