UdZ / Issue 03.23

UdZ 03.23 / 53 BlueSAM: From the Bean to the Byte How an Espresso Machine Became Smart as a Demonstrator for the ‘BlueSAM’ Research Project Intelligent products are increasingly becoming part of manufacturing companies’ comprehensive digitalization strategy. The reason is that enriching a product with digital technologies generates concrete added value for manufacturers and customers alike, which help to build long-term competitive advantages. While large corporations already have adopted this strategy, the interdisciplinary technical and digital expertise required for this is a hurdle for SMEs, which pursue their digital transformation with fewer resources. In the EU research project ‘BlueSAM’, FIR and its Belgian partner Sirris have developed a benefit-focused method for the development of intelligent products, including preparation of an architectural basis, with the aim of providing SMEs with a simplified entry point and to reduce initial expenditure. FIR has applied the BlueSAM method, which can now be used via a publicly available web tool, to develop its own intelligent product as a demonstrator: an espresso machine that has learned to support people using it in the preparation of espress. The data, for example reveal information about when the espresso has reached the ideal amount in the brewing process or which varieties are most popular at which time of day. > / 53

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