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Industrial Logistics (Summer Term)

Oral Examination

Details zu diesem Veranstaltungstermin

The exam will take about 45 minutes (approx. 15 min per student) and is held in english language. Three candidates are going to be proved together on one slot.

The exam will take place in the office of Prof. Dr. Volker Stich (3rd floor, FIR, Pontdriesch 14/16).

It is absolutely necessary to bring your student ID card and your passport with you to the exam. Calculators are not necessary.

Die Veranstaltungsreihe "Industrial Logistics (Summer Term)"

Holistic Approach to design the Flow of Materials and Information towards an economic Optimum.

  • The lecture course "Industrial Logistics" covers a wide range of topics, which are relevant for the field of logistics.
  • It starts by appointing the logistics objectives and tasks. The following lectures cover the topics procurement, inventory management, product distribution and other related themes. Finally the lecture on Supply Chain Management is presented, whereby the new developments in the field of logistics research are of particular interest.
  • In addition, two guest lectures by external lecturers (reports on enterprise logistics) and an excursion complement the educational programme.
  • The lectures start in the summer term.

Here you can find the date and contact person of each lecture:

No.DateLecture DescriptionResponsible Assistant
120.04.2017IntroductionMoritz Schröter
227.04.2017Supply Chain Design
Daniel Pause
Andreas Kraut
411.05.2017Distribution Logistics
Thies Bach
18.05.2017Inventory Management
Tobias Schröer
Supply Chain Management
Daniel Pause
Ben Lütkehoff
06.07.2017Spare Parts Logistics
Marco Husmann
13.07.2017Process Management
Thies Bach
20.07.2017Business Applications
Andreas Kraut
1127.07.2017ICT in Logistics
Anne Bernardy
12KW 23
Gregor Josef Fuhs

Concerning common questions on the organisation of the lecture course "Industrial Logistics" feel free to contact:
Tobias Schröer

For all further information please visit:
"L²P - Learning and Teaching Portal of RWTH Aachen"

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13.09.2011 - 08:00 - 22.09.2011 - 10:00


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