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Production Management B

Lecture Course by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günther Schuh

Producing companies depend on the design of their activities and structures as an enabler to efficiently process production orders.

Concerning this issue the lecture Production Management presents general relations and typical tasks:

  • Approaches and realizable measures are discussed in a practically oriented way. Especially questions related to options of investment, cost-benefit valuations, etc. are taken into consideration.
  • Production Management A focuses on essential divisions of producing companies like process planning, materials logistics, production, assembly, and quality assurance. Furthermore cross-sectional tasks such as information management, costing and different forms of organisation are discussed.
  • Production Management B includes areas beyond organizational borders and deals with topics such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Here you can find the date and contact person of each lecture:

  • The lectures take place on Wednesday from 14:15-15:45, the exercises afterwards from 16:15-17:45.
No. Date Lecture Description TypeResponsible Assistant
1 11.04.2018 IT in Production Management
Felix Basse (WZL)
2 18.04.2018 Enterprise Resource Planning I
lecture/exerciseThies Bach
Enterprise Resource Planning II lecture/exerciseJohanna Koch (WZL)
Enterprise Resource Planning III lecture/exercise

Matthias Schmidhuber

16.05.2018 Supply Chain Management I
lecture/exerciseDavid Holtkemper
13.06.2018 Supply Chain Management II lecture/exerciseSven Cremer (WZL)
14.06.2018 Supply Chain Management III
Guest lectureAndreas Klein (Schmitz CargoBull AG)
20.06.2018 Product Lifecyle Management I
lecture/exerciseSebastian Schlösser
27.06.2018 Product Lifecyle Management II lecture/exerciseLucas Wenger
04.07.2018 Digital Factory Planning
lecture/exerciseSebastian Bertram
11 11.07.2018 Energy- and Ressourcemanagement
lecture/exerciseMarcel Graus
12 18.07.2018 IT-Transformation
lecture/exercisePit Heimes

Concerning common questions on the organisation of the lecture course "Production Management B" feel free to contact:
Max-Ferdinand Stroh

For all further information please visit:
Student Information Production Management A, B

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