UdZ / Issue 01.22

UdZ 01.22 / 65 TechRad: Supporting Enterprise Technology Management with Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology management, which provides the basis for decisions on the use, development, and procurement as well as the utilization of technologies, may have a significant impact on corporate strategic decisions and thus determine the success or failure of a company. Technology management in turn draws on so-called technology radars, which identify emerging technologies and assist in evaluating the technology readiness level (TRL) or maturity of newly deployed technologies (e.g. newcomers vs. established technologies). Both technology radars and TRLs are usually determined by experts in time-consuming, manual research. This type of research must be done over and over again as technologies are constantly being developed – it is an ongoing process. The TechRad research project (Project period June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2022) therefore aims to automate the creation of technology radars and the identification the TRLs of technologies using web crawling and natural language processing (NLP). The present article summarizes the insights from a development project in the form of a generic guide for the development of autonomous technology radars. >

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