UdZ / Issue 01.23

UdZ 031.232 / 57 DiSerHub: Digital Services & New Business Models for the Automotive Industry Digital Transformation Hub Supports Transition From Product Supplier to Solution Provider Digital services and business models are increasingly becoming a key focus of many companies in order to better satisfy the increasingly complex needs of customers. This phenomenon can be observed in all industries and also plays an essential role for the future of the automotive industry. However, many companies in this industry do not know what digital services and business models are available and how they should integrate them into their existing business model. German automotive companies and their suppliers in particular are not yet sufficiently focused on digital business models to be able to survive on the market in the future1. The ‘DiSerHub’ research project aims to address this problem by collecting know-how and best practices on digital business models in a central transformation hub and distributing them to companies and organizations in the automotive industry via various distribution channels. The focus is on documenting business models along the entire product life cycle of an automobile. The project places particular emphasis on the four dimensions of production, sales, usage, and recovery. > 1 Beutler et al. 2021, p. 12 et seq.

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