UdZ / Issue 03.22

UdZ 03.22 / 75 DiSerHub: Transformation Hub for an Improved, More Sustainable Use of Automobiles Through Digital Services and Digital Business Models Whether it is household appliances or complex plant engineering solutions – nowhere are customers satisfied with just a product anymore, but expect complete solutions consisting of product, services, and digital offerings. This paradigm shift is becoming increasingly apparent and obviously also affects the automotive industry. Given this development, it is striking that there is still a lack of digital solution packages available in the German automotive sector. In the past, the sector’s focus on products did not pose a problem, but the pressures of changing customer needs and international competition are increasingly felt.Given the innovations of the competition, domestic automotive companies are forced to act now in order not to be left behind. But there is a major challenge that must be overcome: German automakers lack the know-how to master this transformation process and become an integrated solution provider. Digital tools and new digital business models are a key driver of successful transformation. In research, these topics have already been extensively studied. However, since this knowledge is widely distributed, it is not readily available for practical use. To close this gap between theory and practice, the DiSerHub research project was launched. The aim of the project is to create best practices for the automotive sector, to support companies in the transition from product supplier to solution provider, and to show how digital solutions can be used in a targeted manner. In this way, various stakeholders in the automotive digital ecosystem will be provided with the expertise required for more sustainable automobile solutions through digital services and digital business models. > UdZ 03.22 / 75

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