UdZ / Issue 01.22

Dear Readers, The first UdZ issue of 2022 is now available, at a time when crises continue to dominate the news and our daily lives. The COVID-19 infection rates remain high, and a new major problem is looming large over society: the war against Ukraine. In addition to the humanitarian and political implications, it is ultimately also the economic consequences that are of concern to us. In such a crisis-ridden, unstable world, there is an even greater need for the virtues that have often proven their worth: Resilience, problem solving through smart innovation, agility, and forward-looking action for a more humane and environmentally friendly world, which ultimately also ensures economic success. This terrain, which FIR has successfully navigated for many years, is also our playing field this year, and we present a wide range of our current activities in industry and research in this issue. In the lead article (p. 8), we show you how to use agile methods to select and implement the right business software, involving your employees in the process. Furthermore, we provide you with inspiration to develop digital business models with smart products (p. 32). And are you interested in web crawling and natural language processing (NLP) and how you can use these methods to enhance your business success? Then learn more about the ‘TechRad’ project, which illustrates how to automate the creation of technology radars using web crawling and NLP (p. 64). Artificial intelligence and freight forwarding – two areas which at first glance do not have much to do with each other – are combined to great effect in the ‘STAFFEL’ research project, which aims to improve logistics planning and, in the near future, provide drivers with digital support (p. 56). Transferring knowledge from research to practice – as our long-time readers are wellaware of – is one of FIR’s key concerns. How to approach digital transformation and exploit the intangible value of data and information is shown in our article on ‘Future Data Assets’ (p. 73). And, as in the past, we were busy seeking to enhance environmental sustainability: Starting on page 82, you can read how the ‘mMEU’ project succeeded in developing a data-based prototype model that can be used to localize microplastics emissions. The project team also identified use cases for the economy and tested them for their profitability. As we all know too well: Not only does technology evolve, people do so as well. And the modern world of work is a topic that is very close to our hearts and one that we have been steadily advancing since our founding years. Led by Roman Senderek as head of the newly established Business Development Group ‘Smart Work’, we are acknowledging the major relevance of the topic. Starting on page 40, you will find out what we mean by “Smart Work,” what our new unit has already achieved, which topics are currently being addressed, and how modern work practices can succeed in an increasingly digital working world. We are also particularly pleased about recent developments at FIR e. V. At the beginning of the year, we launched the FIR e. V. Forum (p. 19), the new online communication and information platform for our members and for the committees of FIR e. V. We would like to welcome Jan-Peter Meyer-Kahlen, Head of Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab, and Paul Mugge, Innovation Professor at Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University, as new members of the Board of Directors of FIR e. V. Professor Mugge is featured in this issue with the article “Closing the Gaps Between the Practice and Theory of Digital transformation” (p. 22), which highlights the tasks and opportunities at the interface between industry and research. As you can see, instead of losing heart, we are continuing to develop solutions that help industry to successfully meet challenges and strengthen economic development. Our goal is to shape the future together with prudence and optimism! Join us again this year on our journey. Follow us: facebook.fir.de · instagram.fir.de · linkedin.fir.de · twitter.fir.de · youtube.fir.de · xing.fir.de Folgen Sie uns

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