UdZ / Issue 01.22

UdZ 01.22 / 49 Ongoing Projects of the Business Development Group SmartWork Laufende Projekte der Business-Development-Group SmartWork The aim is to train managers and specialists so that they are able to recognize learning and development needs in their function faster and better and derive recommendations for action. This will make it possible to integrate learning processes more strongly with relevant work contexts. At the same time, introducing the role of the learning agent in the company will The project ‘eLLa4.0’ aims to support executives at different hierarchical levels in their leadership tasks in the course of the digital transformation and to enable them to shape good work in the digitalized world. To this end, training modules for different target groups are being developed, combined in a training The project ‘KI-LIAS – Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Assistance Systems that Promote Learning’ investigates how AI-based assistance systems can be introduced in a participatory manner to ensure employee acceptance right fromthestart.Theaimoftheprojectistodevelop a process for acceptance-based decision-making on the deployment, development, introduction, and specific uses of AI applications that promote learning in manufacturing companies. eLLa4.0 (2019 – 2022) » ella-40.fir.de KI-LIAS (2020 – 2023) »ki-lias.fir.de LidA (2019 – 2022) » lida.fir.de lead to the creation of stronger links between the HR department and production. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project ‘LidA – Learning in Digital Working Environments’ is part of the initiative “Future of Work – Innovation for tomorrow's Production, Service, and Labor” in the funding field of “Person-Oriented Services”. program, and new learning worlds for leadership development are being tested. The ‘eLLa 4.0’ project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund as part of the “Future of Work” program and is supervised by the Karlsruhe Project Management Agency (PTKA). The project is targeted at SMEs as well as large companies in the manufacturing industry, with particular focus on the internal target group of employees in planning, control, and implementation of production. The ‘KI-LIAS’ project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for a period of three years. The project management agency is gsub mbH – Gesellschaft für soziale Unternehmensberatung mbh.

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