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The FIR e. V. is an innovation-oriented network with representatives from research, industry and associations. It focuses on topics concerning the design of tomorrow's working world under the influence of Industry 4.0.

As a member of the FIR e. V. you profit directly from the latest research findings and the knowledge of proven specialists. At the same time, the exchange with industry representatives and companies offers you tangible experiences for the implementation of sustainable successful solutions.

This awaits you

  • Access to expert knowledge
  • Dialogue with specialists, latest research trends and results
  • Use of innovative research results from the FIR and its partners.
  • Exchange of experience in the community of the FIR e. V. Forum
  • New impulses, contact and perspectives.

This is what you get

  • FIR-Forum: the new information platform for members of the FIR e. V.
  • Exclusive partnerships in the application of new solutions and technologies
  • Cooperation in the awarding, publication and supervision of theses, see also
  • FIR e. V. ticker with information about the FIR
  • Free logo placement and linking on our website.
  • Mention of your company as an FIR e.V. member in our yearbook.

All in all: A lot of service at favourable annual fees of 50.00 EUR for an individual membership and from 100.00 EUR for a corporate membership.

Institutional members of FIR e. V.

vote iT GmbH

Individual members of FIR e. V.

  • Assef, Mohammed
  • Eifert, Matthias
  • Holzknecht, Markus
  • von Klimesch, Christoph
  • Klinkhammer, Siegfried
  • Lüschen-Peters, Petra
  • Marheineke, Bastian, Dr.
  • Olivan, Patrick
  • Perlitz, Jill
  • Plüher, Klaus
  • Roffmann, Jörg
  • Rufenach, Danilo
  • Schmitt, Gregor
  • Stelter, Peter
  • Wagner, Gerhard
  • Zierkelbach, Christine