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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Production Management

Production, logistics and supply chain management in the business of the future

"We support companies in the design and implementation of efficient production and logistics systems. We create consistent and highly capable solution concepts through the integrated consideration of business processes, IT systems together with planning and control principles."

Jan Reschke, Head of Production Management

Production management focuses on the design and IT-based support of the business processes of manufacturing companies and logistics service providers. With its three subject fields - supply chain design, logistics management and order management - combined with the Logistics Competence Centre, this department addresses the consistent and high-capability planning and control and efficient organisation of production and logistics systems. The department enjoys a national and international reputation as an expert partner for production and logistics research. The specialist expertise of the department includes conventional sectors of industry such as the process and consumer goods industry, machine and plant production and the automotive industry, as well as future-orientated sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, logistics services and renewable energies.

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Reschke, Jan

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Schröter, Moritz

Kisselat, Susanne

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