We offer an exchange platform for former and active employees

The FIR-Alumni e. V.

Goals of the FIR-Alumni e. V.

We help employees of the FIR at RWTH Aachen University to start their professional life, accompany them on their way to a doctorate or other career paths. With more than 230 members from industry and science, we are a constantly growing network of diverse players from different generations with one thing in common – their time at FIR.

Our mission: to be a lively network between active and former employees of the FIR and thus the bridge between industry and research. Through attractive offers and events, the association ensures a constant, mutual, professional and personal exchange between its members from different disciplines and generations. Likewise, the academic, professional and personal development of the employees of the FIR is promoted.  

As a non-profit association, we fulfill our statutory purpose by collecting funds to make them available to the FIR. We thus actively support the doctoral students at the FIR or the dissemination of the research results developed at the FIR, e.g. through publications, events and lectures. We also promote the exchange of experience between our members and the active employees by providing a platform for the dissemination of research results. In this way, we network different knowledge, from which everyone benefits.  

Events and offers of the association ensure as an exchange possibility that our members always remain up to date around the FIR, but also in the alumni network. These include events such as the Generation Summer Party, the company excursion followed by an alumni weekend, the “Alumni Afterwork” talk, the regional “Alumni Night Out” regulars' tables or digital participation in doctoral lectures from the FIR.

Through the Alumni Association, former employees remain connected to the culture and institute life of the FIR, even if they have already made the leap into industry.


The Board of Directors

  • Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Lukas
    Process Manager at the Vaillant Group
  • Sarah Fritzsche
    Vice Head of Department Communication Management at FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University
  • Dr-Ing. Tobias Harland
    Senior Manager Industrial Practice at the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Center
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Boos, MBA
  • Managing Director of FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University

Exclusive member area

Downloads relating to the Alumni Association, dates and the online contact directory "Magenta Book" can be found in the “Alumni-Forum”.
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Feel free to join our LinkedIn group and exchange ideas with other FIR alumni association members.

For questions, please contact us at alumni(at)fir.rwth-aachen.de via e-mail.



Company excursion and alumni weekend 2022

After a long break, the FIR-Alumni e. V. company excursion with subsequent alumni weekend finally took place again on September 23. Our way led us this year first to our alumnus Dr. Marco Husmann at DMG Mori in Bielefeld. Exciting presentations on current topics such as subscription business models and software-as-a-service as well as insights into the production halls of machine tools were waiting for us and gave room for productive discussions. Likewise, the FIR presented its current topics. The following weekend in Bielefeld offered culinary highlights as well as a hike to the Sparrenburg and a visit to the Dr. Oetker World. We ended the weekend 25 meters above Bielefeld in a rooftop bar with good food and plenty of drinks.


Alumni photo wall

Immortalization in the FIR - That is the goal of our photo wall in the winter garden of the FIR at RWTH Aachen University. The winter garden of the FIR is decorated with pictures of our alumni association members and active employees. The photo wall should not only provide for more presence at the FIR, but also motivate the active FIR members to be immortalized after their time at the FIR as alumni association member with promotion date. If you are not yet listed on our photo wall as an association member, please send us a short e-mail with your consent that we may use your FIR staff photo or send us a current photo.

Alumni Night Out

The Alumni Night Out is a regional get-together of alumni association members all over Germany. The FIR-Alumni Association sponsors meetings of four or more alumni association members from a region upon receipt of a proof photo of the evening. The association members are to be interlaced by these regulars' tables among themselves and organize themselves in regional circles. The kick-off of this event was made by the regional circle Düsseldorf in early 2022. For the formation of a regional circle, the association provides a cluster list for download in the FIR-Alumni Forum.


Alumni Afterwork–“Tell Me More”

Who are actually the FIR-Alumni Association members and what have they actually done so far? This question is answered in our online live podcast "Alumni Afterwork - Tell Me More". In an interview with another member of the association, an FIR-Alumni member reports on his or her career, activities and unusual professional experiences. The interviewer will then also be available to answer questions in the next edition. All active employees of the FIR as well as the Alumni members are cordially invited to ask questions, to be inspired and to let the evening come to an end at a cosy get-together. The previous meetings were each under a theme such as: starting a business, self-employment abroad, opening doors through entrepreneurship, growing with its tasks and much more ...


Many thanks to our previous speakers:

  • Dr. Michael Honné, Henkel Adhesive Technologies
  • Julian Krenge, ParcelLab GmbH
  • Dr. Christian Hoffart, DMG Mori Spare Parts GmbH
  • Dr. Peter Thomassen, Covestro GmbH
  • Jan-Christoph Meyer, Eat Happy Group
  • Dr. Alexander Kleinert, AKonsulting SpA
  • Dirk Oedekoven, SMS Group
  • Deepa Gautem-Nigge, SAP


60 Years of the Research Institute for Rationalization - A Review
Fritz von Below, Birgit Kreitz
Edited by: Günther Schuh, Volker Stich

We would like to thank Dr. Fritz von Below and Birgit Kreitz for the extensive research, the conceptual design and the linguistic and graphic layout of this book. Some highlights of the last 60 years of the FIR are included here for remembering and reliving; a very nice work has been created.

If anyone has not received a book by mistake, please feel free to contact alumni(at)fir.rwth-aachen.de.