Digital Leadership

Leadership and Communication in Digital Transformation

The Digital Leadership Division is concerned with the management of the transformation process as such and focuses on all questions relating to the design of the management and leadership system.

The process, from the development of a transformation strategy and an overall vision through to the design of an implementation roadmap, is understood as a comprehensive change process. It places high demands on the abilities of executives and requires strong leadership. One key aspect is how to successfully influence behaviors.

Digital business models require 'digital leadership'.

In the transformation of companies, fundamental assumptions and perspectives, leadership structures and styles as well as forms of communication play a decisive role alongside the strategic patterns of change that accompany the design of platform-based business models, ecosystems and the use of business analytics in the sense of a strategically significant capability. The use of methods such as design thinking helps to adopt new or changing perspectives. The focus is always on changing the behaviors of managers and employees.

Against this backdrop, the "Digital Leadership" unit is concerned with the conception and utilization use of suitable models and instruments to adapt the behavior of individuals and the organization as an overall system. Using methods such as the Transformation Readiness Assessment or the Transformation Canvas, specific effective change management plans can be developed.

Research question

How can the behavior of individuals and organizations in the process of digital transformation be changed to live up to the new corporate purpose and in the course of introducing new organizational structures, and what role does leadership play with its own behavioral dimensions?