FIR – A Cluster-Coordinating Institute

Cluster Smart Logistics on RWTH Aachen Campus

The Smart Logistics Cluster is one of the six initial clusters on Campus Melaten. Already today, more than 500 individuals from science and industry conduct research and develop solutions on how goods and information can be optimally connected in the digital world of tomorrow. In our Cluster, our appraoch is termed Smart Logistics: in analogy to the ‘Six Rs’ of physical logistics, we want to highlight that for us, the provision of

  • the right information
  • at the right time
  • in the right format/in the right quality
  • for the right addressee
  • at the right place
  • at the right cost

is of primary importance.

RWTH’s researchers and their partners from industry jointly investigate the entire flow of goods and information within a digital world that is soon to be connected in near real-time via the internet. This approach is captured by the term Information Logistics. Within the cluster, currently five centers are working conceptually and experimentally with both supplier and customer companies to investigate the potentialities and implications for manufacturers, service providers, logistics companies, and ICT suppliers.

The objective is to shape the company of the future, an agile, learning enterprise that is largely understood as an information-processing system. Addressing questions surrounding the processing and preparation of data and their targeted use in terms of an Information Logistics are at the heart of the cluster and its centers’ activities.