Research at FIR

Exploring and Shaping the Future

FIR undertakes application-oriented research under the umbrella term of industrial management in the areas of business organization and business development. Particular focus is placed on the standard IT solutions available on the market.

FIR's key activities are in the areas of Business Transformation, Service Management,Information Management, Production Management, and Smart Mobility. Each area is represented by a dedicated team. The individual areas collaborate closely with each other and with external partners. This guarantees interdisciplinary research whose results quickly find their way into real-world application.

FIR examines, in particular, the areas of the production and logistics economy as well as the service economy, all of which are crucial for the German economy and its development. It has been an established research institution in these fields for a long time. On the other hand, these key research areas are complemented by those of information management and business transformation, which in themselves represent independent, more recent fields of research.

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