Development of an infrastructure for the research of industrial 5G

The research project 5G-Industry Campus Europe (5G-ICE) aims to establish a 5G research infrastructure on the Melaten campus of RWTH Aachen University and to establish it in production by implementing relevant industrial applications of 5G.

Initial situation

In 2016, the German government founded the "5G Initiative for Germany" to set the framework for promoting network expansion and the development of 5G applications at an early stage and making Germany the 5G lead market. For 5G, the advantages are formulated in terms of improved user experience, high device connectivity, high mobile data rates, industrial 4.0 applications, intelligent logistics and smart manufacturing. The 5G-ICE covers all of the above application areas.

Solution approach

The 5G-ICE is a research infrastructure for the validation of 5G in production and is located on the Melaten campus of RWTH Aachen University. Two essential factors contribute to the uniqueness of 5G-ICE. On the one hand, a complete 5G mobile radio infrastructure will be built for the research infrastructure, on the other hand, a consortium of three institutes from the field of production research will be formed, which will comprehensively research the use of 5G in production.

Expected result

The 5G-ICE aims to create a complete 5G ecosystem. On the one hand, this will include indoor networks in the machine halls of the participating institutes. Furthermore, the open space on Campus Melaten will be supplied with an outdoor network covering the distances between the buildings.

Benefits for the target group

The 5G-ICE will make a significant contribution to the establishment of 5G in manufacturing enterprises. However, they will only use 5G if they increase productivity. This is demonstrated in 5G-ICE by industrial applications in which the use of 5G brings clear advantages.


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    Funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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