AI-driven assistance and prognosis systems for the sustainable deployment in the intelligent distribution grid

The aim of the research project 'AProSys' is to sustainably transform sensor-based condition monitoring into a cognitive assistance system with a focus on AI-based prognostics for application within the distribution grid in order to successfully shape the energy and mobility transition in Germany.

Initial situation

Climate and energy policies are rapidly changing the energy supply system in Germany. The widespread integration of renewable energies and the integration of charging stations for electromobility are causing high dynamics that are currently hardly quantifiable. A forecast of potential outages that adapts to the dynamic power grid will be necessary in the future to ensure the high demands on a resilient distribution grid, especially for supply security and quality. In an intelligent, grid-wide energy management system, the rapid response to efficiency losses is also crucial for the sustainability of the distribution grid.

Solution approach and expected result

Concrete recommendations for action must be transmitted interactively to operators and service personnel in real time in order to support or instruct them with activity-relevant and situation-adapted information directly at the equipment. The support prepared by AI and made available in the form of digital media directly at the equipment "in the field" also makes it possible to impart competencies to employees in a didactically individualized manner so that, among other things, challenges of the shortage of skilled workers due to the advancing demographic change can be better mastered.

Benefits for the target group

In the project applied for, the transformation of the condition analysis into a cognitive assistance system is to be realized with a resource-efficient minimum use of sensors and the monitoring is to be extended to connected neighboring power engineering systems.


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Topic Area

  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • IT-Komplexitätsmanagement

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