Sustainable workforce development of the cement industry in Russia

The project aims to achieve sustained success with the distribution of training and affiliated consulting and research services in the Russian market. Within the project a concept and methods in order to design online self-study programs for training and development of industrial and technical staff, multi-week courses for foremen and masters as well as single and multi-day seminars and workshops will be developed, implemented and offered to the cement industry and related Industries in the target country Russia.

Partly the above mentioned services are already offered successfully by the project consortium on the German and European market for many years. In order to successfully roll out this services on the Russian market, numerous adaptations and measures are needed to be carried out within the project.

These include, among others, the following groups of activities: analysis and systematic development of services for the target groups ?

  • Implement the organizational conditions in the target country ?
  • Development of sustainable structures for the organization and implementation of training ?
  • Localization and testing of the respective training ?
  • dialogue with target groups, dissemination and transfer of the project results

In addition to the training services relating to the analysis and guidance for plant optimization and production and maintenance processes in Russia will be provided. In particular, issues of sustainability of cement production play a central role. Main tasks of FIR are the identification of key success factors and barriers to the export of services in the Russian region as well as the development and testing of transferable methods for services development and related training programs for companies in the cement industry.


  • Machinery and Plant Engineering

Topic Area

  • Business Transformation
  • Service Management

Research Focus

  • Digital Products


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