Cloud-based Collaborationsoftware for the construction Industry

Development of a Cloud-Based Collaborationsoftware to optimize the information exchange between various stakeholds within a construction project.

Nowadays, construction projects are realised with an interdisciplinary and partly also international team. These teams consist of employees from different companies and functions and are therefore usually physically separated. A common problem is that every company or even each employee has a different set of data.

Consequently, this often leads to tedious and error-prone data exchange, that mostly takes place through email or, in a few cases, with a so-called project exchange platforms. All information received by e-mail must be entered in the existing project structure and data systems, resulting in a inconvenient and often chaotic data management.

The effect of this problem can be seen in many failed or highly problematic construction and development projects, which cost and time schedules are excessive.

The research project CCS developed a software to eliminate the problems that are seen today on the information asymmetry within the construction industry.

The aim was to connect people, projects, dates, locations, languages ??and processes of development projects on a highly innovative way on which it is still easy for the user to deal with.

Instead of many parallel, self-contained data systems, such as those currently used,  a cloud-based approach was proposed. Therefore, data and functions can be used regardless of their location, organization or even their language.

Topic Area

  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Informationslogistik

JRF Guiding Topic

  • Industry & Environment