Services for Electrical Mobility: Fostering Innovation and User Orientation

Development of strategies and concepts for innovative and value adding services as well as supplementing electromobility and technology orientated funding for market- and user-orientated perspectives

"Charge it please"… This request will often be heard in the future, because most people agree on the fact that electric cars are the future. In order to accelerate this technological change and to achieve a breakthrough in electric mobility, there is a need for the intelligent and systematic combination of technological progress and new service innovations.

New technologies often pave the way for innovative service developments. Additionally, new service systems and solutions from a single source are the prime drivers for the advancement of technologies. In this case, services play a vital part by bringing the technological goods to the users, so that e-mobility can be experienced and used in everyday life. These services need to be developed and offered systematically and modularly, so that they can be configured individually.

By conducting a market- and scenario analysis with several influential key factors, varying scenarios can be projected in order to adapt to the specific demands of the users. The aim is to merge services and technologies to create a complex value system, so that Germany can actually become a customer-oriented leading market for electric mobility.


Project DELFIN – Scenario development for electric mobility in 2025+

FIR presents "More time for the essential" - services around e-mobility.


  • Services public/private
  • Vehicle, special Vehicle and Automotive
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Research and Development

Topic Area

  • Service Management

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  • Digital Products

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  • Industry & Environment


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Das Verbundprojekt: Dienstleistungen für Elektromobilität: Förderung von Innovation

und Nutzerorientierung (DELFIN), Teilvorhaben FIR: Marktstrukturen und Zukunftsszenarien wird gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Förderkennzeichen: 01FE13003)