eBusiness-Lotse Aachen

Use of Information- and Communication Technology

The aim of the transfer-project "e-Business-Lotse Aachen" is the empowerment of regional companies to make well-considered and self-reliant decisions concerning the launch and use of information and communication technologies. This aim is supported by providing empowerment-dialogues, series of lectures and guidelines to enhance the competitiveness of companies regarding the use of new information technologies.

The project „eBusiness-Lotse Aachen“ consequently is an offer towards companies: help to help themselves with regard to new information- and communication-technologies. In addition to the general advices, the eBusiness-Guides from Aachen provide specific information about mobile applications, electronically supported business processes and electromobility. The project is part of the German Network “eKompetenz-Netzwerk”. Including its regional partners, the network aims at sustainably supporting companies with relevant IT-knowledge.


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