EDIH Rheinland

European Digital Innovation Hub Rheinland

The aim of the research project ’EDIH’ is to further develop SMEs in the Aachen region in terms of their capabilities in the areas of digital skills, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing through funded training, consulting services, and information events.

Initial situation

SMEs in the Aachen region have begun to focus more on artificial intelligence (AI), digitization and high-performance computing (HPC) in recent years. However, the starting position of German SMEs in the Aachen region is mixed. On the one hand, there are many companies that are already investing heavily in these areas and expanding their digital competencies. These companies have recognized that a strong digital presence and competence can be a decisive competitive advantage. On the other hand, however, there are also many SMEs that have not yet invested sufficiently in these areas or have difficulty finding the necessary skilled workers or have concerns about data security and data protection, which makes it difficult to introduce AI and business software, for example.

Solution approach

In the EDIH project, consulting services, training and information events are offered by a wide-ranging consortium to enable SMEs in particular to develop further in the areas of digital skills, AI and HPC.

Expected result

SMEs will thus have the opportunity to use the consortium's services free of charge during the project period and to develop themselves further in the three areas. In particular, the training and consulting services can be used for employee development and the implementation of small prototypes. SMEs in the region are thus individually supported in their digital transformation.

Benefits for the target group

The benefits amount to individual support from the consortium for staff development and implementation of consulting projects.


  • Services public/private
  • Printing, Paper and Packaging
  • Electrical, Precision and optical Engineering
  • Consumer Goods
  • Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Automation and Measurement Engineering
  • Pharma
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Research and Development

Topic Area

  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Informationslogistik

FIR Navigator

  • AI and Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data-Based Shopfloor Management
  • Introduction of New Business Software
  • Internet of Production
  • IoT Platform
  • Process Mining
  • Smart Maintenance
  • JRF Guiding Topic

    • Society & Digitization


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