Software and System platform for energy and environmental monitoring systems

The aim of the project was to design and realize service and cooperation concepts for a prospective operation of facilities for generating sustainable energies. Thereby the focus was on the three areas of wind-, solar- and bioenergy. This innovative and holistic approach addéd a significant value to design the “power plant of the future”.

The project contributes to attempts in improving the availability of the facilities for generating sustainable energies within the next four years. Thereby one challenge of the project is to optimize the processes in the support of existing power generation facilities. These processes are very complex and depend on a variety of participants that for example due to a breakdown complex personal adjustment need to be initiated in order to face coordination problems and time delays. This means unnecessarily long stops of facilities and hence an unexpected loss for the operating company.

The approach of the project is to develop a platform which allows a central monitoring of all components in the facilities and furthermore structures, which coordinate and optimize the actions of all participants in case of maintenance and breakdown. Companies which participate in maintenance and repair activities can allocate their resources optimally by using the platform in order to enhance the efficiency of the facilities.

Topic Area

  • Service Management
  • Production Management

Research Focus

  • Service Excellence
  • Digital Products
  • Supply-Chain-Design
  • Supply-Chain-Management


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Das Forschungsprojekt EUMONIS wird durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) gefördert.

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