Energy-efficient, low-wear, maintenance and acoustic optimized, cost efficient bogie

The EVIAK DG projects´s goal is the development of an engergy-efficient, low-wear, maintenance and acoustic optimized, cost efficient bogie. In contrast to current bogies which are not successful in the marked due to a lack of economic benefits, EVIAK DG will be supported by a maintenance concept and LCC-model.

EVIAK-DG stands for energy-efficient, low-wear, maintenance and acoustic optimized, cost-efficient bogie. The project is divided in two phases - a concept phase, which is supported by the ZIM program and afterwards a realization phase in which a prototype will be developed and built. We are currently in the concept phase for the bogie.
Against the background that the relevant selling points of currently available bogies like the Y-25 are low acquisition costs as well as the lack of an industry-approved LCC model for bogies, the EVIAK-DG development project uses a holistic approach, including an operating and application concept. This includes the creation of a specific LCC model of classic Y-25 bogies for railway wagons based on specific operation scenarios. To the extent especially investment costs, operating costs, maintenance costs but also time costs and costs for unplanned breakdowns will be considered. Moreover a cost breakdown of the main assemblies and components provide valuable information for weight management, noise management and migration strategies, which are also included in the EVIAK-DG bogie concept.

Topic Area

  • Service Management


Funding no.
Funding information

Das NKF Kooperationsprojekt 16KN042322 der Forschungsvereinigung FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen wurde im Rahmen des zentralen Innovationsprogramms Mittelstand (ZIM) des Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen Bundestages gefördert.