Energy Knowledge Management for cross-company optimised energy usage

The aim of the project EWIMA is the prototypical construction of regional virtual power plants in NRW. The approach pursued is the further development of operational energy management for a cross-company optimization of consumption, generation and storage of energy in the direct company neighborhood. key innovation is a central IoT platform that enables complex functions and services.

The overarching goal of the project "EWIMA-Energy Knowledge Management for cross-company optimised energy usage" is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the integration of Renewable Energies with simultanuous increase of regional and  neighbourly added value. For this purpose, a regional approach for a virtual powerplant is pursued, in which energy consumer, generator and storage are aggregated in local cluster.

The starting point is the energy management within a company, that is adjusted to a holistic and cross-company optimisation and is supported by a central IoT and analytics platform. Key impetus from the trend themes of digitalisation and industry 4.0 are taken up in order to meet the challenges in the context of energy turnaround. Through neighbourgeal networking combined with modern measurement technology and data processing, EWIMA allows an implementation in several prototypical pilot regions (EWIMA hubs), taking into account miniatural complexity.

EWIMA hubs represent a secure regionally oriented ecological and economic value added on the basis of common system standards through the integration of renewable energies and the local coupling of all energetically relevant units

Topic Area

  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Informationslogistik

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  • Industry & Environment


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The project is funded by the European Fonds for regional development and State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia within the framework of the Leitmarktbewerb VirtualPowerplants.NRW.