Innovation, Coordination and Collaboration in Service Driven Manufacturing Supply Chains

In order to integrate industrial services into manufacturing value chains, one goal of the InCoCo-S consortium was to develop a reference model (InCoCo-S Reference Model (IRM)) for business processes. This structured approach for the rationalization of processes in business practice comprises business processes, key figures and proven methods for measuring, evaluating and optimizing service performance.

The increasing outsourcing of processes along the value chain of manufacturing companies is making industrial services more and more important. Nevertheless, service companies and their customers face considerable problems in the exchange of information and business processes, as the processes are often not synchronized with each other. The European research project InCoCo-S met these challenges by developing a reference model for internal and external order processing. In a European study, essential influencing factors in selected task areas for the cooperation between service companies and manufacturing companies were therefore collected.

Topic Area

  • Service Management
  • Production Management


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