Learning Journey. Individuell. Informell. Mobil.

The LIMo research project aims to provide knowledge in a demand-oriented manner in the organization and implementation of in-company training. Moreover, it intends to create new learning arrangements that individually promote the learning process and the self-learning competence of the learner, as well as to integrate current mobile learning technologies into the individual's everyday working life.

Initial situation

Informal and mobile learning are hardly used in everyday corporate life despite diverse technological and conceptual frameworks in continuing education utilizing learning platforms. The corresponding individualization and personalization of learning content and paths have only been successful to a limited extent to date. It is necessary to expand the available open-source platforms to include these aspects and thus to promote informal and mobile learning tailored to the users' needs.

Solution approach

The project stages consist of an initial requirements analysis in the various target industries, a conceptional phase, and subsequent agile development in sprints – including regular testing with the users, final testing, and transfer phase. Besides the consortium, the GAIA-X workgroup will handle topics such as “digital learning” and “competence management”. Moreover, the GAIA-X workgroup would work on standards for transparency and traceability of the AI-based processes used.

Expected result and benefits for the target group

The LIMo project provides solutions for the further development of ILIA. The German open-source learning platform will improve by enabling training courses to be more personalized and integrated into the daily working environment. To this end, the learning platform is being developed, among other things, through the targeted application of AI. The goal is to present learners with tailored impulses at regular intervals during continuing education measures. These impulses will constantly encourage the learner to gain knowledge, reflect on it, and integrate it into daily work. In particular, small and medium-sized companies will benefit from the conceptual and technical solutions developed.


  • Education and Training
  • Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • Consulting and Auditing

Topic Area

  • Smart Mobility

Research Focus

  • Smart Work

JRF Guiding Topic

  • Society & Digitization


Funding no.
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Funding information

This research and development project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the funding guideline "INVITE - Innovation Competition Digital Platform for Continuing Vocational Education and Training" (funding code: 21INVI20) and supervised by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB). The author is responsible for the content of this publication.