Re-design and interface standardization in signal technology

The aim of the NeGSt project was to develop solutions for urgent challenges that are important for the entire German sector, which contribute to securing the sustainability of the LST and thus make mobility and transport more attractive and competitive in the long term.

Mobility and transport are central components of our economic and social order. They decisively influence the quality of life as well as the performance and competitiveness of the economy. The focus of the project "Sector-wide initiative to secure the future viability of control and safety technology" - NeGSt for short - was rail transport. It is classified as particularly environmentally friendly and plays a decisive role in strengthening the transfer of traffic from road to other modes of transport in the future.

However, a successful shift to rail requires an efficient, safe and reliable railway infrastructure. This applies in particular to railway control and safety technology (LST), which faces a multitude of economic and technical challenges.

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  • Service Management


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Das Projekt wurde mit Mitteln des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) gefördert.