Development of a key data based benchmarking instrumentalism for the intercompany comparison in German owner-operator shipping for a long-dated guarantee of competitiveness

The project aim was to develop and implement an instrument in the network of KMU (owner boatmen enterprises), compounds and scientific accompanying research which puts the KMU in a position, based on key data, to implement target-orientated, time-efficient and anonymous an intercompany comparison, respectively a benchmarking.

ShipExcellence was about benchmarking of smaller and medium enterprises (SME, shippers owning their barge) of the inland waterway transportations. The project target lay in the development and the implementation of instruments which enabled an efficient, target oriented and anonymous benchmarking of the SME on the basis of performance indicators. For this purpose the common benchmarking methods were extended to cover the needs of inland waterway transportations.

Topic Area

  • Service Management