Smart Farming World (SmarF)

Cross-vendor networking of machines in agricultural crop production with the help of a service platform

The project targeted a connection of machines across manufacturers in the agricultural sector with the help of a service plattform. The plattform offers context-sensitive smart services based on intelligent systems to improve the productivity of the agricultural crop production.

Germany uses the potential of data based services and intelligent networks rudimentally yet. Especially the manufacturers and service providers in the agricultural sector have to operate with different customer types. A large number of participants are involved throughout the whole production process. The collaboration across companies can be improved by using information and communication technologies.

The modern agriculture is already characterized by a high level of connectivity and is an ideal starting point for further developments towards a total connected agriculture. The platform connects fields and machines among each other and integrates external data sources like weather data. The platform aggregates and analyzes incoming data and is the basis for new services like optimized fertilization or harvest strategies.

The platform optimized the whole productions process, improved the productivity and led to a reduced ressource usage.

Topic Area

  • Service Management

Research Focus

  • Digital Products

JRF Guiding Topic

  • Society & Digitization


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Zuwendung aus dem Bundeshaushalt, Einzelplan 09, Kapitel 0901, Titel 68321, Haushaltsjahr 2016, für das "Verbundprojekt: Smart Farming – Entwicklung einer herstellerübergreifenden Serviceplattform für landwirtschaftliche Anwendungen. Teilvorhaben: Bedarfsanalyse, Geschäftsmodelle und Nutzerakzeptanz".