Integrative software solution for an intelligent, demand-oriented maintenance management in complex production surroundings

Modern production nowadays shows a growing shortfall of maintenance management and maintenance tools, which is why the SmartMaintenance project plans to develop a novel software solution for maintenance management which takes the condition of machines in real-time into account as well as the latest production plans. Thus, it aims to present the complex problems of decision making in terms of maintenance in one modular software tool and to find global optimized solutions via specific constraint-models. Various factors such as information about the condition of the machines, the dynamic disposition of the maintenance resources and the adaptive reconciliation of the production planning are important factors that influence decisions on maintenance and need to be factored in.

Because of the growing complexity in production, volatility of incoming orders and a large number of product variation combined with shorter planning-horizons, an efficient maintenance management is becoming more important in order to maximise the production availability and minimise the default risk. The intention of the SmartMaintenance project is to research and develop software that identifies necessary maintenance work in production facilities and their components. Automatically calculated and evaluated information on the condition of the production surroundings will help to identify the necessary maintenance work and prioritise it. The software will be interfaced with already established systems for planning of production resources, which, for the first time, allows for a detailed coordination of maintenance and production resources.


  • Machinery and Plant Engineering

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  • Service Management

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  • Industry & Environment


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Zuwendung aus dem Bundeshaushalt, Einzelplan 30, Kapitel 3004, Titel 68321, Haushaltsjahr 2014, für das Vorhaben: "KMU-innovativ - Verbundprojekt SmartMaintenance: Integrative Softwarelösungen für ein intelligentes, bedarfsorientiertes Instandhaltungsmanagement in komplexen Produktionsumgebungen"