Strategies for the integration of technologie into human-related services

In our society individual-related services are gaining ever more importance. Supplying populace with these services at high quality and reasonable costs requires making the service delivery more efficient. Thereto using modern technologies in the service delivery process is a promising option. But still there are some obstacles to overcome.

The processes of value creation centred on the human being are complex. They had to be analysed and the processes of interaction had to be defined. Moreover affinity and acceptance for technologies in service processes had to be created. Last but not least it was required to identify value added functionalities and activities of technologies in service delivery. These topics were examined and simulated from human machine and organisational perspectives using case-studies, analyses and empirical surveys. Finally a roadmap for applying technologies in individual-related services was developed.


Household assistant Care-O-bot 3 - Use within the scope of personal services

Within the Tech4P project, new application scenarios for Care-O-bot - the product vision of a mobile service robot to support people in their daily lives - were developed. These scenarios deal in particular with the integration of the robot into the service spectrum of a corresponding service provider. With the help of the robot, the service provider can offer special personalized functions in addition to general services for everyday support such as making appointments with doctors or craftsmen.

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Topic Area

  • Service Management

Research Focus

  • Service Excellence
  • Digital Products


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