Investigation of requirements, solution patterns and methods for enabling manufacturing companies for ‘GAIA-X’

The aim of the research project ‘URANOS-X’ is to enable manufacturing companies with suitable methods to use ‘GAIA-X’ in a meaningful way.

Initial situation

Data is increasingly becoming a strategic resource. ‘GAIA-X’ will make a significant contribution to technological sovereignty in Germany. However, existing infrastructure offerings are dominated by non-European providers due to scaling advantages and network effects. At the same time, technical, organizational and human challenges are slowing down the entry of manufacturing companies into the ‘GAIA-X’ ecosystem.

As a result, to date there is only a limited number of leaders who have outstanding knowledge of 'GAIA-X' and its functions (e.g. ‘GAIA-X’ hubs, collaborative project partners) and can also transfer or provide this. At the same time, there is a great need for knowledge among those actors for whom an entry into ‘GAIA-X’ opens up promising business options or who are still undecided whether ‘GAIA-X’ is relevant for them.

Solution Approach & Objective

In order to accelerate the scaling of ‘GAIA-X’ into the Industrie 4.0 data space, the ‘URANOS-X’ project provides a development kit that integrates the aforementioned stakeholders and integrates custom-fit solutions. Recurring solution patterns in ‘GAIA-X’ applications are identified and methods are developed that allow ideas and development orders to be generated on the basis of the patterns. These form the basis for the formal system specification, for which the project provides an architecture standard as well as modeling language and method. Based on this, the integration and validation of the applications will be investigated. Finally, the impact on the vendor company is analyzed.)

Expected Results

In the project, a development kit is being created that comprises cross-domain solution patterns for a low-threshold entry into the ‘GAIA-X’ world of companies. The patterns can be easily adapted to the individual situation of a company. Furthermore, methods are developed that make it easier for companies to design and implement their own ‘GAIA-X’ applications. These are supplemented by a simple description language of ‘GAIA-X’ applications to accelerate communication with, for example, partners in the value chain. In addition, the development kit includes a quick check and a maturity model that support manufacturing companies in identifying and applying relevant ‘GAIA-X’ solutions.

The ‘GAIA-Xperience Centers’ represent an essential form of result processing, which enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access ‘GAIA-X’ through a demonstrator, a modular experience forum and a workshop offer. Two centers are being set up at the Aachen and Paderborn sites. In order to make the project results available nationwide, the project cooperates with the joint projects and various networks and associations (e.g. the technology network it's OWL, or the Mittelstand-Digital-Zentrum Ruhr-OWL, TNO, VDMA).


  • Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • Research and Development

Topic Area

  • Production Management
  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Informationslogistik
  • Supply-Chain-Management

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  • Supply Chain Data Management
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