Optimization of the selection process of document management systems in MNEs, through the development and integration of usability-criteria

The goal of "uSelectDMS" is to make usability of document management systems (DMS) describable and to integrate those usability-criteria into the software selection process of MNEs by identifying and evaluating usability-criteria with the help of DMS users, developing an evaluation technique for usability in the context of DMS and deriving a suitable selection method.

The project combines methods and procedures from existing usability-research with the field of application of DMS, which is very relevant and representative due to its wide spread operation in organizations and the requirements of users. The results of this project will make it possible to integrate usability-criteria into the selection process of DMS. By applying those usability-criteria, the possibility of excluding systems with low scores on usability already in the beginning of the selection process, is created.

Topic Area

  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Informationslogistik


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