5G in industrial applications

The research project will provide a user friendly network management concept to solve communication problems by using 5G. Furthermore, the empowerment by 5G shows new application concepts for the industry.

The main objective of the project is the research and development of an industrial communication concept that links local industrial networks in an efficient and transparent way beyond a production site and with the involvement of suppliers. This requires a communication technology such as 5G, which meets the requirements of future industrial scenarios and existing systems with regard to safety, real-time capability, scalability and efficiency.

Particular applications such as flexible production can benefit from the performance of intelligent sensors by providing an enormous added value in terms of latency and capacity. These enable optimum status monitoring as well as predictive maintenance of machines.

In concrete terms, the requirements are to be implemented via key technologies such as edge cloud solutions and compressed sensing for a media-free, homogeneously addressable communication infrastructure.

Topic Area

  • Information Management

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  • Informationstechnologie­management

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  • 5G
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    • Industry & Environment


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    The research project is funded by the ministerium for education and research based to a decision of the German federal goverment.