Do IT Together over Europe

The aim of the 'DIT-EU' research project is to train and disseminate the concepts of the 'Do It Together' (DIT) approach, which enable greener and more sustainable design for the production of consumer goods.

Initial situation

The DIT approach facilitates the development of customized designs and the provision of production data on a global scale, accelerating the digital chain to local manufacturing close to the consumer.

Solution approach

The knowledge nuggets and learning pathways will cover the definition of the process, the available technologies, and the innovative business models to support the process and the methodology of environmental impact assessment to help reduce the environmental footprint while addressing the needs of consumers.

Expected result

The project aims to empower consumers and businesses to invest in these new practices to foster consumer creativity in a green and circular economic logic.

Benefits for the target group

The learning paths and knowledge nuggets are available for self-study on the 'Skills.move - empowering individuals with the right skills for the future' website at skillsmove.eu.


  • Consumer Goods

Topic Area

  • Service Management

Research Focus

  • Digital Products

FIR Navigator

  • Business Model Innovation
  • JRF Guiding Topic

    • Society & Digitization


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    This project has received funding under EIT Manufacturing.