Overcoming of divergent target systems in enterprise networks in the consumer goods industry

The goal of the research project was the development of a procedure which enables the enterprise to indetify adequate SCM-concepts and their definitive combination ex ante.

In modern business, satisfying customer’s demands is a strategic factor of success. Nevertheless, many companies are incapable of fulfilling logistic services required by the market. In consumer goods industry, this deficiency will easily result in out-of-stock-situations and high sales losses. The underlying reason for insufficient availability of goods is best described by an antagonism between the desire to minimize supply chain cost by raising cost efficiency, and the wish to maximize availability by increasing logistical performance. Based on the idea that the one single concept will not work for different customers and their diverse needs, and thus a “one size fits it all” supply chain cannot lead to success, this research project was tended to develop strategies for the employment of a hybrid supply chain. Being designed to match customer’s demands, the hybrid supply chain is the key to overcome the described antagonism and to minimise out-of-stocks.

Topic Area

  • Production Management

Research Focus

  • Logistikmanagement
  • Produktionsplanung