Privacy-Aware, Intelligent and Resilient CrisiS Management

The aim of the PAIRS research project is to improve the management of crises that threaten the national economy for a wide range of social actors.

Initial situation

Crisis situations can lead to extreme consequences for society and the economy, such as the disruption of supply chains and the collapse of critical infrastructure. The challenge for optimal crisis preparation lies in the unpredictability of causes, duration and scope, and severity. A comprehensive database and consideration of the interdependencies of the various actors are necessary for a forward-looking approach to complex crisis situations.

Solution approach

In the "PAIRS" project, the risks of individual crisis scenarios (concrete manifestations of the crisis event together with the general reactions) are assessed on an actor-specific basis. Based on the risk assessment and a self-expanding pool of measures, individual response measures are derived for individual crisis scenarios, which are fed back (pseudo-)anonymously into a crisis scenario generator. The resulting iterative precision of the crisis scenarios, together with the continuous adaptation of all response measures, contributes to a sound information basis for being prepared in the best possible way for potential crisis situations and thus increasing resilience.

Expected result

A crisis management platform that takes a cross-domain and federated approach with the goal of iteratively learning to identify and anticipate crisis scenarios based on a hybrid AI approach.

Benefits for the target group

The results of the "PAIRS" project enable economic and political actors to anticipate reciprocal influences of individual measures and to incorporate them into their own decisions. The consideration of reactions to an initial crisis event in specific scenarios results in dynamic crisis management. The availability of essential resources and capabilities of corporate ecosystems is secured and their marketability sustainably strengthened. From a political and social perspective, the availability of critical infrastructures and resources is ensured.

Topic Area

  • Production Management
  • Information Management

Research Focus

  • Supply-Chain-Management

FIR Navigator

  • AI and Data Science
  • Supply Chain Data Management
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • JRF Guiding Topic

    • Society & Digitization
    • Industry & Environment