Series production of electrolysers in the gigawatt range

The aim of the SEGIWA research project is to develop the basis for transferring the SILYZER 300® series from manual production to series production. In line with the national hydrogen strategy, the aim is to achieve a low-friction market ramp-up. One focus here is on the design and implementation of largely automated production processes and their linkage in a higher-level production concept.

Initial situation

Alternative storage media and propulsion materials are needed to drive forward the energy transition in Germany. Green hydrogen, which is produced with energy from renewable sources, plays a key role here. The national demand for hydrogen by 2030 amounts to 5 gigawatts of electrolysis capacity, so a rapid increase in capacity is needed. The current, rather manual, production process cannot provide these capacities, so series production is being sought.

Solution approach

The SEGIWA research project focuses on various automation solutions, end-to-end digital planning and control of the entire production process by means of a modular MES concept, the development of a gradually scalable production and factory concept, and the consideration of alternative materials to enable series production. To this end, six work packages were defined in the joint project “SEGIWA” on the way to series production in the gigawatt range:

  • WP1: Membrane Electrode Assembly(MEA) Manufacturing Automation
  • WP2: Fully automated assembly and construction of electrolysis modules
  • WP3: Development of a scalable production and factory concept
  • WP4: De-risking of integration across operations and manufacturing.
  • WP5: Alternative components for series production
  • WP6: Qualification for series production

Expected result

A stepwise scalable production and factory concept to enable series production of hydrogen electrolysers.

Further Links

UdZ-Article: "Project SEGIWA: Series Production of Electrolysers in the Gigawatt Range"


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    The SEGIWA project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the lead project “H2GIGA” and supervised by the Project Management Jülich.