Seal of confidence for RFID applications

The objective was to work out adequate criteria with which RFID applications can be proofed comprehensible and measurable. The attention was paid to the warranty of the individual demand on data security and privacy of RFID applications on which takes into account the consideration of trade interests.

The development of a trust signet for RFID-applications in the end customer domain was the ambition of the project Trusted-RFID. Aim of the research project was the balance of the requirements of business and consumers, concerning the information management of RFID-applications. Referring to the criteria and the trust signet concept which are newly-developed, the control by an independent authority should be possible. This would enable commerce to achieve customer´s acceptance of RFID-technology and to implement innovative systems and value added services.

Topic Area

  • Information Management


Funding no.
14912 N
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