Lecture Course “Industrial Logistics” (Summer Term)

Lecture Course by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Boos

Holistic Approach to design the Flow of Materials and Information towards an economic Optimum.

  • In order to give students a comprehensive introduction to the subject area of “Industrial Logistics”, the curriculum ranges from the goals and tasks of industrial logistics to individual aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Special emphasis is placed on highlighting the latest developments in research and industry.
  • The course will include an excursion and at least two lectures by external speakers.
  • Overall, the lecture will focus on providing the theoretical content with examples from industrial practice.
  • The exam can be taken in German or English in the summer or winter semester.

Concerning common questions on the organisation of the lecture course “Industrial Logistics” feel free to contact:
Janis Simons

Further information can be found here.

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