Service Management

Developing, Providing and Marketing of Service Systems

Many companies are in the process of transitioning from being producers to service and solution providers. In an increasingly digitally connected world, successful industrial companies differentiate themselves through industrial services and the expansion of their offerings to include digital services.

The focus is on the consistent orientation towards customer benefit in terms of the service dominant logic. By combining smart products with physical and digital services into hybrid service offerings, superior value is created for the customer. The aim is to establish digital business models that are essentially characterized by scalability and forecasting capability.

With Subscription Business Management, Service Engineering and Lean Services, New Work is geared towards the key challenges posed by digitalization in the service sector.
This includes:

  • Building understanding of, developing and establishing participatory business models in connected ecosystems.
  • Development of the digital shadow for service and maintenance areas as well as mastery of modern methods of data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Continuous further development of the service and digital business through permanent service innovation.
  • Organisation of the distribution of information and knowledge as well as work processes and structures within the company.
» We enable companies and business units to design, market and efficiently deliver customer value-oriented service systems for their external and internal customers. «

Dr. Jana Frank, Bereichsleiterin Dienstleistungsmanagement